Balance Is The Time Saver To Awesome Style

There are many things that are attributed to a great outfit. Individual pieces, colors, Accessories, shoes and of course you!

Of all the aspects that you need to take into account when dressing, one of the most important points for a great outfit is to make sure that the outfit is balanced.

I shared with you the 5 step checklist every day to look stylish This month, if you haven’t read it, be sure to check this out. One of these 5 points is balance.

Many women are sometimes a little perplexed that they can’t buy the trendiest clothes . But you see, style isn’t about the amount of clothing you own, the brands or the cost, it’s about how you put everything together every day. You don’t need to spend a fortune to look stylish.

When composing an outfit, pay attention to the whole Look, including makeup and hair. Ask yourself: does every piece of my outfit make this Look complete? Does each piece make sense?

We are all attracted to things that are in Harmony. Harmony is balance, symmetry, coordination, compatibility. “The quality of forming a consistent and coherent whole.”

So every day in front of the door, walk in front of the mirror and ask yourself honestly; “is my balance? Does this sound confusing?”

If You answer yes! So go out and have a fabulous day.

If You answer no! Your outfit needs to be revised. You can have two colors that do not coordinate. Or textures do not compliment. Maybe you should wear your hair up rather than down. Also consider what you do that day.

If you just pay attention to this point and ignore the rest, you are in good shape, This is the abbreviation of great style.

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