Black Midi Skirt Outfit For Petite Gals


As a little girl, it can be difficult to remove skirts or midi dresses. I have already shared with you how little women can pull out the midi dress, so it is appropriate that we now talk about a midi skirt.

Let me share how a little girl like me can pull off an elegant midi skirt outfit.

One of the problems that small women face is not finding clothes that suit them. The midi skirt I wear in this outfit did not fit. I wanted to take it to my personal tailor, also known as my mother, and see if she could bring it a little. It’s a high-waisted skirt, but when I wore it, the waist landed on my hips.

I really wanted to wear it, and my mother and I did not have the opportunity to work on it. So instead of taking it, I found a clever way to make it work without any changes. I added a skinny belt.

Feel free to purloin this idea if you have a high-waisted midi skirt that doesn’t fit. I believe that this style trick worked so well with this skirt because the skirt has a thick belt.

This midi skirt is made with heavy fabric, so to action the heavy look, I wore a light shirt made of fabric and color.

The soft shape and pattern of the shirt balances the heavy skirt. I wanted this midi skirt outfit to create a seamless line from top to bottom, and I think this combination did it.

These two combined pieces create an elegant midi skirt outfit.

I finished this look with a pair of pumps decorated in black. This is the outfit I wore for Valentine’s Day dinner.

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