Modish Way To Tuck In A Dress Shirt


There are several ways to insert a shirt. You can do a half tuck full tuck, front tuck, or no tuck. Today we will talk about a new and elegant way of sticking in a dress shirt; the Wrap and Tuck.

Ok, let me tell you first that finish, is not a new idea -, style icon Audrey Hepburn wore this style-trick back when, and everything that has been Audrey has done or worn, so effortlessly indeed worth a try.


In this outfit, I first decided to try it on with a light chiffon shirt instead of a rigid cotton shirt, because it was easier to work with it, and I did not like how this shirt looked hidden. Since this shirt is transparent, I wore a light tank top underneath.

Depending on the fabric of the shirt with which you want to try finish, determine how you wrap your shirt. I chose a looser look because of the fabric of this shirt and liked how it looked a little more fluid and pretty. I also left the back of the shirt unglued.

As you can see from the photo of Audrey, it is equally stylish to wear a rigid shirt and insert it firmly. Audrey went a little further and popped the collar and uniquely bent her wrists.

It’s not that you need instructions for packaging, but just in matter.

If you did not unbutton and unbutton your shirt, you appeared in the bottom corner of the shirt and pull it to the opposite side and insert it. Take the other bottom corner of the shirt and insert it. If you have nice buttons, you can wrap this side on top of each other. You can leave it half unglued, like I did if it’s a lighter fabric. If you have a rigid cotton shirt, I recommend that you insert it tightly so that it is not inverted.

This leads me to mention, make sure your wrap tuck does not come untucked. If you wear a jersey like me, you have nothing to worry about.

Do you want to try this Tuck?

I will try next with this striped shirt! I’m curious to see how it will look with contrasting cuffs, collar and stripes!

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