Points To Remember When Wearing Shades Of Sapphire


When you put together an outfit in which you want to incorporate different shades of sapphire, start with the main part you want to wear, and then expand it.

The two important details to remember when you mix shades of sapphire in an outfit:

1. Accessories must burst. In this outfit, I went with darker navy heels and a dark contrasting handbag. This will prevent the outfit from looking too boring.
2. If you wear very similar shades of sapphire, make sure that they differ in texture. You don’t want the same color and texture.

For example, in this outfit, I first caught this white glitter top with a light sapphire rim. You can not see in these photos, but the back of the shirt is light sapphire transparent. With this glitter top as a base, I began to build on it.

I wanted to keep the color palette relatively light, so I tied the top with light gray jeans. And gray goes well with sapphire. I superimposed another denim item, the slightly washed denim jacket. I didn’t want to cover the sequins or light sapphire trim details, so I tied it around my waist. This touch also made the outfit a little casual.

So, with the light sapphire trim, the light sapphire jacket, I had to wear sapphire shoes of a darker shade. These sapphire suede ankle straps were perfect and I intentionally went with a darker shade of sapphire to make it jump. The theme of sapphire tones continued.

Since my outfit with the glitter top was already quite dazzling, I decided to keep my jewelry minimal. I added a pair of large light sapphire earrings and a silver bracelet.

This outfit could have been done with MY sapphire Zac Zac Posen handbag, but I didn’t bring it with me to Las Vegas, so I carried a dark bag to contrast the entire outfit.

These photos were taken in Las Vegas during MAGIC Market Week. You can find out WHAT MAGIC IN previous articles I shared with you.

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