Summer Fashion Ideas: You Must Have Slip-On Sneaker


In summer there are a lot of pretty summer shoes you could wear and of course you need pretty sandals and wedges, but don’t forget some pretty sneakers to wear!

Sneakers to wear are a nice alternative to running shoes or converse. These easy-to-wear shoes are comfortable, stylish and suitable for almost any summer outfit.

Pair your sneakers with white jeans and a striped button for a casual and cool Californian look. Or wear your sneakers with denim shorts and a nice flowing top or a printed spaghetti strap blouse. Wear your slip-ons with your favorite skirt, dress and jeans all summer long, you really can’t go wrong.

There are some things you need to keep in mind when you go to buy your pair of sneakers.

Make sure you are comfortable! You not only want beautiful sneakers, but you also need to be comfortable. The looks can be misleading, so try them out and walk around the store a little. Shoes can be comfortable in the beginning, but after 10 minutes they can hurt.

Either go with a neutral or something fun, like metallic. Choose a color that you know will fit most of your clothes and that you can wear with everything from dresses to jeans.

You can choose a model, but note that you may not get as much benefit from it as you would like.

If you invest in a pair of sneakers, make sure that it is a pair that will work for at least two summers. Do not buy something too trendy, unless, of course, money is not a problem, and then shop.


In these outfits you can see that my essential sneaker is a golden metal with a white background. I wore them in different ways and mixed them and combined them with outfits of different styles. From girly to casually cool.

I love the fact that these sneakers go with every outfit I’ve assembled and that they add a nice little sparkle to the look.

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