The Italian Dress Code Looks Awesome


During the relatively short time I spent planning my trip to Italy, the priority was to explore the Italian dress code. Yes, transportation, hotels and activities are important, but we can plan half of them as soon as we arrive. There are so many clothes that you can bring on a trip, so it is very important to pack the right clothes.

I was a little worried if what I brought was comfortable and “pretty stylish”.”Would I look like a local? Would I look like an American and try to look like a local? A tourist! panting

I’ve been working on a checklist for the travel package that I’ll be sharing soon. The packing checklist is a quick page with a reality check that you can use as a reference whenever you take a trip from Local weekend Roadtrips to months of vacation. Look for him soon.


I shared with you a variety of outfits that I wore while traveling in Italy last November and December: a stylish winter outfit for Europe, stylish winter travel outfit, what to wear in Italy during sightseeing and Italy in November: stylish rainy day outfit.

Italy in winter can be cool depending on where you go, so bring stylish warm clothes. Of all the places we visited, Venice was the coldest. We traveled to Italy in November and December and visited Rome, Modena, Venice, Florence and the Tuscan countryside.

There are a few important points I keep in mind when packing and compiling outfits while I was out there.

Wear a classic coat in a neutral color with clean lines to match any outfit.

Comfortable scarves in neutral colors and patterns will keep you warm and add an elegant touch to a simple outfit.
A stylish sunglasses is a must, even if It’s winter.

Wear black leather riding boots instead of galoshes, they look much more beautiful.

Do not underestimate the power of earrings. This is the only piece of jewelry that you can really see outside the rings in the winter, because they are covered. Wear a nice pair of earrings for every outfit.

No sneakers, instead of wearing flats and chunky high-heeled shoes.

A stylish textured handbag that fits any outfit and large enough to carry everything you want to use on a daily basis is much better than a fanny pack.

Do not go to the sea with color, neutral with maybe a splash of color will do.

Keeping in mind these simple points in Italy, I followed the “Italian dress code”.”

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