You Must Have Leaf Pattern Shirts This Summer


Today I continue to share with you the List of summer essentials. The first summer fashion you need to have was the sapphire denim shorts, today we move on to the leaf-patterned shirt.

This summer, there must be a beautiful leaf pattern shirt in your wardrobe. I opted for a flowy leaf pattern Spaghetti straps, but you can buy a T-shirt, blouse, sleeveless shirt or button down. Whatever shirt style you choose, it’s fine as long as it has a beautiful summer leaf pattern.

There are two aspects that you need to take into account when buying a patterned shirt of any type.

First you need to look at the size of the pattern itself. I choose a Shirt with a wider Pattern. I wanted the pattern to be in the foreground and the large leaves of this shirt to draw attention to the shirt. As a general rule, it is mentioned that women with a larger frame should stay with larger patterns, and smaller women should wear smaller patterns.

This reference to proportion and what looks best to this type of body. But every pressure and every person is different, so you need to find a model that works best for your body type. You can follow the general style guidelines, but in the end you need to find a room that suits you best.

For example; I decided to carry greater pressure instead of something small. I love how this leaf pattern looks to me and the variety of outfits I can do with this shirt.

The second thing you need to pay attention to is the color. As this leaf pattern shirt is one of my 14 summer essentials, I needed it to be a darker neutral that I could mix and match in many outfits.

Tired of buying shiny leaf pattern shirts because the number of ways you can wear it might be limited.

Here you will find the shirt I wear in this outfit! Scroll to the bottom of the message if you want to see where the other elements of the outfit come from.

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