You Must Know What Does Your Style Say About You


I always found it funny when people say “” I don’t dress for anyone, I don’t care what people think about me because of my clothes. My clothes mean nothing, they are things I wear.”

Seeing shows like “what not to wear” and seeing an individual defensively and indifferently begin to leave the positive and energetic show about what he wears made me smile. You have understood how clothing has such a dramatic impact on your confidence and life.

Like it or not, you will be judged by what you wear. Positive and negative.

If you meet someone even before you mutter a word, he already has a predetermined judgment on you. Unconsciously, all our brains are wired for it. It’s supposed to help us identify a friend or foe. Do we love this person, attracted to him or are we deterred by something he does or wears.

“This person dresses well, he must have a great job. This designer handbag costs a fortune how could she afford it? A pajama what what a ridge. I can’t believe she came out like this, did she dress in the dark?”

What you wear affects this initial reaction.

Remember, this very important point, the same thing happens to you. The same judgments and assumptions are made about them. Even if it’s just a quick trip to the store.

Take a minute and evaluate what you are wearing right now. Do you want to be seen that way?

Dressing in the morning can be a 10-minute routine or an hour for you, but this should not be insignificant.

Make sure your clothes say what you want.


This is the last outfit I wore in Rome before returning to California. We went out to eat and drink and had a wonderful evening and enjoyed our last night.

This beautiful embellished tunic dress with cut-out heels was the perfect combination for an evening out on the town. It was a little drizzle, so I wore my favorite trench coat.

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